financial transparency
rapport de mission d'observation indépendante de l'application de la loi forestière dans une concession du domaine forestier
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Financial transparency

Financial Transparency

AOE is 100% financed by private donors. To ensure this independence and transparency, the AOE accounts may been audited by the Court of Auditors.
Efficiency - Are the results found commensurate with resources deployed? - And effective - the observed results consistent with the objectives pursued ?

Our resources

Individual, private donors, citizens in short, help finance AOE. We thus keep complete freedom of speech and action in every place and in every circumstance.
These regular support we provide the stability of our resources and the security of a monthly cash contribution.
70% of our members give less than a hundred euros per year.
43% of our members are supporting us over "3 years, and some for over 7 years.

Our expenses

In 2013, the expenditure was as follows :

  • 34% of the resources have been allocated to the implementation of campaigns in the Ivory Coast and 22% to the achievement of international campaigns
  • 18% to fundraising in Ivory Coast , 1% to the collection of international funds. Plus 9 % Direct Dialogue program , membership and awareness program face to face .
  • 10% for administrative expenses in Ivory Coast and 5% for administrative expenses


Our Donors

End of 2013, an important milestone was reached with 160 members who actively support us, an increase of nearly 50 members.

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