values and methods
rapport de mission d'observation indépendante de l'application de la loi forestière dans une concession du domaine forestier
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values and methods


This independence is primarily political. AOE is not supported by any political party and does not endorse any. However, our mission leads to challenge the (outside the range) so that they take into account the problems we denounce and consider solutions and research avenues that we identify.
Political independence based on total financial independence. AOE saw only contributions from individuals who have chosen to support our approach. AOE refuses any financial contribution from governments against international law. This structural independence is the guarantee of our freedom of speech and action, in all places and in all circumstances.


This is fundamental to our approach. Non-violence is imperative inseparable from the determination in action: Never degradation of materials, not of violence against anyone. This tactic interposition voluntary AOE to prevent a nuisance, impose a time out to ask the debate, forcing players' positioning. The effectiveness of the confrontation lies in the determination of volunteers to rampart of their bodies, to stake their lives.

Global Issues

AOE focuses on global problems that threaten the environment at large and constitute global challenges: climate change, efficiency and energy conservation, nuclear proliferation, degradation of biodiversity in the oceans and forests, genetic pollution, spread of toxic products ... Some of these problems are difficult to perceive in the life of every day or in our immediate neighborhood. Yet these threats to our lives and future generations. Similarly, certain practices that appear to be very dangerous in a given area will have disastrous consequences on the other side of the world. Thus, only a comprehensive approach can address these global issues.

Power com

Based on these core values, AOE mobilizes public opinion, builds power relations and forces political and economic decision makers to consider environmental issues. AOE is thus emerging as a denunciation of force and motion, a catalyst for change, a genuine independent power-cons at the service of present and future generations.

This power-cons based its legitimacy on two considerations. On the one hand, Greenpeace develops its positions on a rigorous analysis of the problems addressed, based on recognized scientific work and technical expertise validated.


The AOE method is to inform action on environmental issues and put pressure on the leaders.
By evoking the mobilization of "fighters rainbow sky," we immediately think zodiacs roaring, activists hung from smokestacks or chained to polluting enterprises grids. Unless we imagine long-term work in which the confrontation actions are inserted. This is essential for significant advances in the field of the environment. Depending on the political agenda, the progress of the consultation, the acuteness of the problem addressed, the phases of action and time combine negotiations on the five components of the conduct of a campaign.


This component is a prerequisite. If it is necessary to report, it is essential to explain the reasoning leads to the conclusion that such an industry, such a product, such agreement is detrimental to the environment and public health. When the power game is to erase any contradiction to try to impose a single solution, the role of against-powers is to highlight the contradictory elements that should be brought to the debate, that are considered the overall environmental impact and the interests of future generations.
This ongoing work to develop the argument to better understand the issues of the campaign and advance the AOE position according to the changing context. If Greenpeace is neither a research department or a research center, its investigations are based on various scientific studies and technical surveys, existing or commissioned by the organization of independent research centers.

Proposals & Consultation

This time corresponds to a more proactive approach. Beyond opposition to certain industrial processes or certain harmful political guidelines for the environment, social responsibility requires identification of possible ways to solve the identified problems and propose alternative solutions or avenues of research.

AOE does not intend to take charge of the development of industrial solutions or marketing of alternative products. The technology development and commercial development of these initiatives remain the responsibility of industry players and policy makers. However, as a citizen movement, we can identify initiatives, deepening some thoughts, highlight innovations (which can provide the desired benefits without imposing the same risks to our environment) or support policies that seem desirable.

Information & Pressures

When this double argument is established (opposition and possible alternatives or directions), it is then translated into information action. This is a first step to inform the public of the hazards of certain industrial options, economic and political risks that decision makers often try to minimize. Information is the prerequisite for citizen mobilization. The commitment of individuals, associated with a cause, contributing to the construction of the power relations which, sooner or later, will force the leaders to consider the arguments of environmentalists. The next step is to put pressure on policy makers, elected officials, administrative officials and business leaders so that they better reflect these demands.
We must therefore explain, convince and counter the other categorical group pressures, political, economic or industrial defending their sectoral interests are motivated only by the accumulation faster, profit and power, and are also putting pressure on these decision makers. The motivations of AOE are of a different order: preserving the environmental equilibrium and defend the interests of future generations. This lobbying has several aspects: meeting with the staff of ministerial offices, participation in consultation meetings with central, information and discussions with elected officials and political parties, participation in hearings within the framework of parliamentary committees, confrontations with business leaders. On the international stage, Greenpeace has a position of observer in the United Nations system and, as such, is actively involved in the negotiation of international agreements by intervening especially in the preparatory stages in the development of texts. Our independence is, in these negotiations, a major asset.


It is not uncommon for regulations or laws that are good protection instruments are ignored or trampled upon by unscrupulous manufacturers or little regard governments. The lawsuit may tend to reinforce certain legal instruments whose interest is recognized. It can also help to build a case for advancing the right to better take into account recent developments in industrial practices and better identify new risks. Legal action may also be necessary to get through the courts of the information industry or governments refuse to communicate the sole purpose of protecting unacceptable practices even illegal.

Nonviolent confrontation and mediated

In an ideal world, the investigation cycle - argument - information - consultation should be enough to change practices for better consideration of environmental constraints. In the real world, the one we know, it is most of the time necessary to force the debate to force the players to recognize their wrongdoing and impose the recognition of certain environmental considerations. Confrontation shares are specificity AOE and mark our determination to not let us do. These actions have objectives other than to denounce the hidden practices mean the urgency of change and force policymakers to imagine other ways. Physical interposition demonstrates that it is possible to stop a nuisance. This citizen transgression of the established order is sometimes illegal. Yet it is legitimate, the fact denounced as a much more serious attack going against the general interest. Nonviolent confrontation exacerbates the balance of power and requires the offending decision maker out of its reserve. Physical involvement in confrontation, always nonviolent, underlines the determination of the applicants.
Media and dramatic dimension of these actions is deliberately used as a means. Our actions are always so focused on a company, a website, a crucial moment in order to attract media attention on a subject that concerns us. We hope to reopen the debate, change the balance of power and lead to the development of more satisfactory measures for our environment and our health.

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