rapport de mission d'observation indépendante de l'application de la loi forestière dans une concession du domaine forestier



Education is the key to escape from poverty and the ability of individuals to enforce their rights. Yet 72 million children are not in school and 1 in 5 adults (including 1 in 4 women) is illiterate. AOE has placed access to education at the heart of its priorities, particularly for girls, relying on various means:

  • construction and renovation of schools
  • awareness of families, particularly by students relay of education in their community,
  • academic support, financial and material support to orphans AIDS
  • special education centers for children workers, etc.
  • Build environmental protection of Literacy Centers
  • Distribution of school supplies,
  • Initiation relays schools in remote camps



Shares of AOE for education The education of children is one of the priority areas. Various means are used to defend the right to education and the quality of educational programs:

  • the construction of schools;
  • awareness of families and communities;
  • vocational training for young people;
  • construction of special education centers for child workers.


Our immediate needs

Supporting our FUND EDUCATION ACT to fight effectively against illiteracy of girls and boys. This fund will

  • awareness of families and communities;
  • vocational training for young people;
  • Ensure the sustainability of learning: school supplies

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