rapport de mission d'observation indépendante de l'application de la loi forestière dans une concession du domaine forestier


  • In the area of climate change , AOE provides a set of training on topics that fall under either of the national communication or essential elements in the field of implementation of the UNFCCC, is the need of development actors - Rural Communities , NGOs, Local Authorities , - the implementation of their program or project development.
  • The objective of this training is to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders in developing countries on the following issues.
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Africa : facing the challenges of the energy transition

The energy transition based on energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy is one of the ways of salvation facing acute energy crisis knows that most African countries. With sufficient energy resources , the continent in general and West Africa in particular would engage in a better trajectory generation and energy consumption likely to support the economic and social transformation needs for development sustainable and just.

The energy crisis in the world today results from the strong dependence of energy models based on the massive use of fossil fuels.

Environmental digital database

To lead a good environmental study on the future , environmental digital data are essential, in this section we will provide an environmental digital database. This database will facilitate to conduct effective studies based on traditional data by using advanced and complex statistical methods to understand all activity levels and lead to better planning on environmental issues , particularly those of Ivory Coast.

We will also collect old papers and thesis developed themes dealt with environmental issues in Ivory Coast. This will be the first of its kind to be developed by an Ivorian non -governmental organization in Ivory Coast. 


Activities related to Search

  • Community Climate Change Adaptation
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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