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rapport de mission d'observation indépendante de l'application de la loi forestière dans une concession du domaine forestier

AOE what is it ?

What works AOE ?
AOE is intended to denounce the environmental damage and to provide solutions that contribute to environmental protection and the promotion of peace. The essential mission of AOE is to work in relation to global challenges (climate, energy, biodiversity, etc.) that may have a direct or indirect impact for each inhabitant of our planet. If you would like more information, visit our pages "Discover".

Why do not you act on local issues ?
We prefer to focus in depth on these subjects and try to get important advances for the environment on a global scale rather than diversify without real results on all environmental issues.

How many he has adherents ?
In 2013, 160 in Ivory Coast and nearly 100 in the world. For more information , you can visit our "Operation" page. What is the history of AOE? It is presented on our "History and success."

What are the values and methods AOE ?
They are detailed on our "Values & methods".

AOE is it a non-violent organization ?
Yes, decidedly non-violent. This is one of our founding principles. For more information, please visit our.

Why AOE she conducts media often direct action ?
To establish a balance of power in our favor and mobilize public opinion. These actions are always non-violent. For more information, you can read our "Values & methods".

Is AOE a truly independent association ?
Yes, both politically and financially. For more information, visit our pages

How is funded AOE ?
AOE is 100% financed by contributions from its members. For more information, you can visit our pages

What is the budget AOE ?
In 2013, he was close to 45,000 dollars. For more information, visit our pages "financial transparency".

How is directed AOE ?
AOE is a 1960 law association Ivory Coast. In fact, it is directed by a Board of Directors (BOD). The Board shall appoint an Executive Director Board members are selected in a Statutory Assembly. This Assembly is elected by members and half by half by members of the CA. For more information, please visit our Governance page. Where to find our guides' eco-consumption "? You can download our "Product Guide with or without GMOs" and our conso-citizen guide to the deep fish species that are in danger. Participate in the association.

What is to be adherent to AOE ?
Join AOE is provide moral and financial support for AOE. For more information, you can check our "What can you do? "

Where is my money ?
The bulk of our resources used to finance the work of our campaigns. For more information, you can read our pages "financial transparency. 

How can I keep up to date campaigns ?
Through the quarterly magazine you automatically receive if you are a member . If you want to subscribe to the magazine , Alternatively , online, track activities and campaigns AOE : by subscribing to the newsletter, regularly visiting our website or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

How to receive the documentation specific to a campaign ?
On request by contacting us.

How not to receive documentation or mail from AOE ?
By calling us by mail, phone or mail.

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